Flour price jumps as food inflation hits new high


The flour crisis has intensified in Lahore as the subsidized flour has vanished from the markets.

As per details, the prices of flour have skyrocketed in Lahore while the commodity was not available in most shops across the province.

The 15kg flour bag is being sold for Rs 2,050 now, after the increase of Rs 150. So far, the price of a 15kg flour bag has seen an increase of Rs300 in just two weeks. Whereas in the open market, the prices are unchanged yet.

The chief secretary of Punjab has already taken notice last week of the flour price hike. Earlier, the flour prices jacked up for the third time in the span of two days in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. As per details, the 15 kg flour bag is being sold at Rs 1915 after the increase of Rs 40. According to flour mills, the price of a 15 kg flour bag was Rs 1875 before.

The sources said that the hike in flour prices is the outcome of mismanagement between the food department and flour mills.