Flour crisis looms in Karachi


Staff Reporter

Halted flour supply from Punjab has raised warning signs for an acute flour crisis in Karachi. According to All Pakistan Flour Mills Association Sindh (APFMA) Circle Chairman Khalid Masood has said that after Punjab government imposed ban on transportation of flour from Punjab to Sindh, some 40 trailers fully loaded with flour have been restricted to enter Sindh.
He said that the ex-mill price of flour per kilogram has in five months escalated to Rs. 49 with increase of Rs.14 per kilogram.
He said that APFMA had repeatedly informed the provincial government but sorry to say Sindh government failed to respond to the grave situation on time and hence the province is facing an acute shortage of wheat and flour. The APFMA Chairman said that the total wheat stock with Sindh government is about 500, 000 metric tons of which 200, 000 metric tons of wheat is unsafe for human consumption.