Flooding after light rain


I am sharing my concerns over the city’s vulnerability to flooding. After a light rainfall in Karachi, the city faces flooding situation. Mostly people say that Karachi’s weak infrastructure could not withstand light downpour and it might face a far more serious situation than what was recently experienced in Karachi where rain-related incidents not only caused extensive damage to infrastructure, but also led to almost 20 deaths.
This situation is very serious and critical after light rain in Karachi plays havoc with the life of the ordinary citizens, but Sindh government blames other authorities; what is this?
Many precious lives have been lost due to negligence of K-electric, which the people nowadays call ‘Killer-Electric’. The whole city is totally damaged because of lack of waste management and poor drainage system of Karachi city.
Mayor Wasim Akhter may kindly visit the whole city and observe the conditions of innocent people who have been living in miserable conditions as their belongings have been destroyed.

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