Flood causes widespread damage in Sindh’s 24 districts: Wahab



Administrator Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Friday said that flood has caused widespread damage in 24 districts of the Sindh province.

“Sindh province has been badly affected this time due to unusual and unexpected rains. The worst flood in history has caused widespread destruction in 24 districts of the province. The houses of 30 million people have collapsed and they have to be rebuilt. The real problem is the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the victims,” the Administrator said this while addressing a program organized to help the flood victims at Jamia Islamia Clifton here.Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that Pakistan has become the most affected country of global warming and climate change.On this occasion, Derek Chollet of the American Consular Department of State, other American officials along with Head Jamia Islamia Clifton Mufti Abu Bakr Muhyiddin, Cardinal Joseph Coutts and religious and social leaders from different religions were also present.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that as a result of the worst floods, agriculture, the main source of employment in rural areas, has been completely destroyed and the livelihood of the people was lost. He said that the current situation demanded the rehabilitation of these people as soon as possible for which the government is taking all possible steps.Speaking at the event, Derek Chollet of the American Consular Department of State expressed concern over the current situation in Pakistan and said that the United States is with Pakistan in this time of trouble.

“Pakistan is facing devastating floods due to rains. The US is standing with Pakistan in this difficult time. the US government is providing a total of 31 million US dollars in aid to Pakistan,” he added.Derek Chollet said that America and Pakistan have 75 years of relations. He said that in the meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the economic situation was also discussed

The Administrator Karachi while welcoming the US aid for the flood victims said that we thank the US government for helping Pakistan and coming here. He said that now is the time to restore the people. “People need our help, Sindh is facing difficult times now and the people of Sindh are in dire need of relief and help,” he added.The Administrator while appreciating the efforts of the organizations that collected funds to help the flood victims, saying that we need to work together at this time.

“Various institutions and organizations are actively participating in the flood relief work. Our morale is also increasing and the spirit of work has been awakened. This is a good sign for national unity and solidarity, Inshallah our efforts will be successful and the flood victims will recover soon,” he added


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