Floods also drowned education in Sindh: Altaf Shakoor



Unprecedented flooding has not only displaced millions of people but in Sindh it has also drowned already vulnerable education because as per a report of Sindh government fortu percent schools of the province have been damaged. This was said by Pasban Democratic Party PDP Chairman Altaf Shakoor on the occasion of International Day to Protect Education from Attack.

He said in 2019, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously declared the 9th of September as International Day to Protect Education from Attack. The resolution proclaiming the Day was presented by the State of Qatar and co-sponsored by 62 countries. Altaf Shakoor said though the schools of Sindh and Balochistan have suffered any terrorist attack, but they have surely braved an environmental attack. He said as per Sindh education department, more than 5600 schools have been razed, while 12000 others extensively damaged. Some 65000 displaced families have been living in intact  buildings of more than 2500 other schools. The Sindh government fears that school enrollment would be fifty percent less this year.

He asked the rich countries involved in massive carbon emission to pay compensation to Pakistan for being victim of their anti-environmental policies. He said environmental justice should be doled out to Pakistan and Pakistanis, especially school going children.

Altaf Shakoor regretted that in Pakistan the education system has already been in shambles. He said sadly our government is spending too less budget on education and healthcare. He said we are teaching old and obsolete curriculum in our schools. He said universal education is a distant dream for Pakistan. He said millions of children of the poor families are out of the schools and engaged in child labour to support their families.He said commercialization of education and dual education system for the rich and poor are curse for Pakistan. He said by giving universal education right to our children we can brighten the future of our coming generations.

He said we are not focusing on technical and vocational education and hence we are not producing graduates as per market demand. He said his party, PDP, has been demanding since long to open at least one general university, one technical university and one teaching hospital in each and every district of Pakistan.Altaf Shakoor demanded to open camp schools in all affected districts of Sindh and Balochistan to save precious education year of students. He asked the government and international community to supply materials for erecting camp schools on war footing basis.


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