Fisherman hits jackpot, becomes millionaire overnight

Fisherman hits jackpot, becomes millionaire overnight

Gwadar: A fisherman in the Jevani area of ​​Gwadar hit a jackpot and became a millionaire overnight after he caught a rare croaker fish weighing 48 kilogrammes and sold it for millions in an auction.

A rare Sowa (locally known as Kiri) fish got entangled in the net of a Jevani fisherman, according to a local fisherman. It was afterwards reported to have sold at auction for a staggering Rs 13.5 million.

The Sowa fish, according to aquatic life experts, comes close to the shores of Jevani and nearby waters in the summer to breed. The rare croaker fish is reported to have a significant commercial value, and it is in high demand in various Asian and European countries.

Pharmaceutical companies use a unique form of substance present in fish that is considered more valuable than the meat in the creation of surgical products.

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