First lady, governor’s wife laud event Cycle rally raises awareness against breast cancer


A cycle rally was taken out from Governor House in connection with the Breast Cancer awareness campaign led by the wife of Punjab Governor Begum Perveen Sarwar.

Meanwhile, the First lady Begum Samina Alvi and Begum Perveen Sarwar appreciated the participants for their role in creating awareness about Breast Cancer.

According to details, a cycle rally was organised at Governor House Lahore on Sunday in connection with the campaign against breast cancer, while the wife of Governor Punjab Begum Perveen Sarwar also cycled to participate in the rally. Women from different walks of life including Begum Samina Arif Alvi were also present.

Talking to the media at the end of the cycle rally, Begum Samina Alvi said that breast cancer is a dangerous disease but with a few precautionary measures it can be curbed.

A large number of women lose their lives to Breast Cancer every year adding that in Pakistan, Breast Cancer affects 90,000 women whereas 40,000 women succumb to this disease. She encouraged everyone to participate in creating awareness about Breast Cancer.

Begum Perveen Sarwar- wife of Governor Punjab said that it is commendable that doctors, civil society and various organizations in Pakistan, including NGOs are playing a constructive role in raising awareness about breast cancer.

She further said that the media has also played an exemplary role in this awareness campaign.

The breast Cancer Awareness campaign should be continued throughout the year as it affects 1 out of 9 women.

Begum Perveen Sarwar said that awareness is crucial because timely detection enhances the survival rate of breast cancer.

Begum Perveen Sarwar said that we have campaigned in various educational institutions to teach young girls about precautionary measures including 5-minute self-examination that can be crucial in the timely diagnosis of breast cancer.

She further said that such awareness campaigns help remove the stigma attached to breast cancer adding that there should be no shame in seeking medical health if someone has the symptoms of breast cancer. She also appreciated the role of lady health workers in the awareness campaign.

Begum Perveen Sarwar said that Sarwar Foundation has been working for women health by organising free mother-child and cancer awareness campaigns across Punjab particularly in rural areas.

Women should take out at least 5 minutes a day for themselves so that with timely diagnosis and treatment, we can curb the prevalence of breast cancer in Pakistan, she added.

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