First glimpse of breathtaking Pakistani pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is out


KARACHI – Celebrated star Fakhr-e-Alam has shared impressive pictures of the Pakistani pavilion at the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai site.

The hypnotic design of the pavilion’s façade is made up of thousands of individual glass units of different sizes and colour, giving an optical illusion to visitors.

Taking to Twitter, Alam shared the photos and wrote, “The first glimpses of the Pakistan pavilion at the @expo2020dubai it is futuristic, symbolic of our great peaks and it stands out from all the rest in its immediate vicinity. YOU MUST visit Expo 2020 & must come to the Pakistan pavilion”.

The enthralling façade is the creation of internationally renowned artist Rashid Rana.

The picture has been shared before the official inauguration of the pavilion on October 1.

Rana said that the multicoloured façade represents the multifaceted sides of Pakistan, from seasons to culture.

Pakistan Expo 2020, an official Instagram account of the Pakistan Pavilion in Dubai, also shared a video in which Rana talks about the structure.

“This is perhaps one of the most exciting and challenging projects of my career, simply because I was expected to transform architecture into art,” he said.

“The magic, perhaps, lies in the fact that each of these individual units, thousands of them, look similar but all of them are unique, fractionally different from each other in terms of the colour and size, and the viewer gets multiplicity views as they walk around it.”

The pavilion covers an area of 3,251 square metres in the Opportunity District, the pavilion theme – The Hidden Treasure – is aimed at boosting tourism, commerce and investment in Pakistan.

Reports said that more than 1,200 companies and individuals would take part in the six-month long event.

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