Film highlights brotherhood of two nations divided by misgivings


Khel Khel Main a grand comeback of Pakistani cinema

Rafia Zahid

A famous duo of Lollywood, Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Meerza, decided to change the course of history written with hands drenched in blood on the dreadful war of 13 days in 1971.

With a gripping script to unveil Indian propaganda against Pakistan in 1971 war, film ‘Khel Khel Mein’ has proven itself to be the right film for a grand comeback of Pakistani cinemas’ after Covid lockdown.

Swirling through a sea of emotions and comedy, film highlights the brotherhood of 2 nations, bonded by blood yet divided by misgivings and distrust.

Complimented by incredible acting of the cast and cinematography, film has successfully journeyed towards captivating the hearts of its audience.

A blend of energetic songs especially ‘Hum Laaye Hain Toofan Sy Kashti Nikal Kay ’strikes all the right notes and awakens the patriot in all Pakistanis especially in the new generations.

The film has concocted unique narratives against preconceived notions on 1971 war to melt the ice of hostility between Pakistan and Bangladesh. The film also sheds light on Baluchistan becoming a new Bangladesh as India continues to sow seeds of bigotry and revolt in the region. Central message of the film was to blow away mistakes by the wind that were made in 1971 and pay heed to Baluchistan so that the history doesn’t repeat itself.

Film Khel Khel Mein has made a praiseworthy attempt to jump over the obstructions of allegations leveled against Pakistan by its biggest rival. It compels Pakistan to come out of lamented guilt and forge ahead with its long lost brother.

“Ekjesa hi pyar niklega, dil ki lelein talashiyan dono… ek ghalati hui kisi se bhi, mang lete hein maafiyan dono”

Lastly, film’s concluding dialogue was a remarkable endeavor which lays the first stone of strengthening fraternal relations between the two nations.

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