Field cops to be equipped with body cameras: IGP


The Sindh police have decided to equip its field officers with body cameras in order to improve policing in the province Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh Mushtaq Mahar said on Tuesday.

Announcing the decision, the IGP Sindh said that they have decided to purchase body cameras for police in order to assess the performance of the police officials

Besides this, he said it was also aimed at assessing the actual situation in a case where a cop is blamed for any irregularity.

“The cops are blamed for their attitude during raids and arrests and these devices would now help in determining as to where the fault lies,” he said adding that frequently it happened that people blamed cops even after committing a violation.

He said that the cameras would be used during operations, arrests, and traffic management.

“The cops carrying out raids and conducting snap checking would be equipped with body cameras in order to get first-hand information of the issues,” IG Sindh Mushtaq Mahar said adding the body cameras would come into use soon after being purchased by the provincial government.

Previously, policemen with body cameras and special tablets have been posted at five different check-posts across the capital city, according to the Islamabad police.

They said these cameras linked to the safe city system will record conversations between citizens and officials at pickets.

In a video shared on the DIG Operations Islamabad Twitter handle, a policeman can be seen wearing a body camera on the torso of his body.


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