FIA registers case against 113 PIA officials on fake degrees charges


Recovers more than Rs.90 million from accused

Amraiz Khan

FIA Anti-Corruption Circle registered FIR against 113 PIA officials on the charges of fake degrees and recovered more than Rs 90 million from them. PIA authorities concerned in a letter have assured FIA that they have confiscated the perks of the officials involved in submission of fake educational credentials to the airline.

It is worth mentioning here that an Enquiry No 70/2022 dated 30-08-2022, PS ACC Lahore was registered on the basis of Audit Para No. 2.1.6 “Appointment of 457 employees on fake degrees by the Management” of Special Audit Report. On the account of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (PIAC) conducted by the Auditor General of Pakistan upon the direction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in Human Rights Case No. 11827/S of 2018 that the Auditor General of Pakistan to Conduct Special audit of PIAC for the last 10 years.

During the course of enquiry it was confirmed that alleged persons got appointments on the various posts in PIA on the basis of fake/forged educational documents in connivance with officials of PIAC / members of the recruitment board. They deliberately and knowingly well that their educational documents are bogus, submitted the same and succeeded to get a job in PIAC.

The PIAC officials got verified the educational documents of these accused persons from the concerned issuing Board/Universities/Department, which they have confirmed as fake and forged.

An FIA investigator said that role of recruitment board members/PIAC officials who were supposed to and duty bound to verify the educational documents of new recruiters but they deliberately with mala fide intentions avoided to verify the educational documents of the accused persons and caused loss to the National Exchequer will be determined during the course of the investigation.

From the above-mentioned facts and circumstances, prime facie it has been established that the accused (1) M Arif Tarar S/O Mr. Sai Mohammad CNIC (42501-4392380-9), (2) Mrs. Sajida Sajid D/O M Ebadur (42000-0467723-0), (3) Asmat Mahmood S/O Hashmat Ali (CNIC not available in record), (4) Mrs. Azra Bano D/O Abdul Hameed (35201-2612281-3), (5) Mian Shahzad Aziz S/O Mian A (35200- 1442274-1), (6) Ms. Rehana Butt S/O Ghullam Hussain (42501-1009111-2), (7) Pervez Khan S/O Walayat Khan (35201-9115362-3),(8) Ms. Aneela Butt D/O M Siddique (CNIC not available in record),(9) Mrs. Nayyar Sultana D/O Hafiz Aziz ahmed (42201-9618650-8), (10) Tariq Mehmood S/O Abdul Shakoor (42201-0392455-3), (11) Nadeem Asad S/O M Asad (35202-2580261-1), (12) Muhammad Saleem S/O Fateh Muhammad (42301-0454449-5), (13) Kashan Aijaz Dodhy S/O Aijaz A (42101-1503719-5), (14) Ashar Habib S/O Ch H (35404-7872920-5), (15) Muhammad Asghar S/O Muhammad Shafi (42201-1876450-3),(16) Amdad Ali S/o A Shakoor (35202- 1188457-7), (17) Arshad Jahangir S/o Ms. B Ali (CNIC Not Available In Record) ,(18) Tariq Mahmood S/o Abdul Shakoor (35201-8296450-3), (19) M Rehan Butt S/O Sardar Muhammad (42000-0470448-1), (20) Mrs. Samina Jafar Ali D/O Raja Zahid (42301-2296526-2), (21) M Yaqoob Khan S/O M Sarwar (33100-1026863-3), (22) Iftikhar Anis Ahmed Khan S/O Anis Ahmed (42201-0523872-7), (23) Mian Adnan Shaukat S/O Mian S (42201-0465703-1), (24) Ms. Sadia Saeed D/O Muhammad Saeed (CNIC Not Available In Record), (25) Ms. Nazia Naheed D/O Abdul Rehman (CNIC Not Available In Record), (26) Mrs. Naheed Akhtar D/O Jane Alam (CNIC Not Available In Record), (27) Ms. Riffat Riaz D/O M Riaz (35201-1446282-0), (28) Mrs. Farah Qayyum D/O Qazi Abdulmajeed (CNIC not available in record), (29) Mrs. Aqeela Bilal D/O Irshad Mirza (CNIC Not Available In Record), (30) Ms. Noreen Mahmood D/O M H (42201-5817052-8), (31) Ms. Riffat Ikrami D/O M Ikramuddin (42201-0520746-0), (32) Dilawar Khan S/O Ahmedkhan (42201- Page # 05 8426865-5), (33) Muhammad Akram D/O Sardar Muhammad (35201-1433774-1), (34) Tariq Awan S/O M Tufail (35201-1258999-1), (35) Riaz Ahmed S/O Ms. Abdul Rauf (CNIC Not Available In Record), (36) Noor Alam Khan S/O Noor M (Not Available In Record), (37) Muhammad Munir S/O Muhammad Ashiq (35202-2366001-9), (38) Zulfiqar Ali Rizvi S/O S Fayaz (35201- 2408863-7), (39) Basharat Rehman Khan S/O Ali M (35202-1594750-7), (40) Ashfaq Ali S/O Din Muhammad (35200-1531986-7), (41) Babar Ahmed Mirza S/O Khurshid Ahmed (35202-0119453-3), (42) Sabir Hussain S/O Nazir Hussain (CNIC Not Available In Record), (43) Shahzad Ahmed S/O Mushtaq Ahmed (35202-1575482-5), (44) Tanveer Aslam S/O M Aslam (35202-2600706-3), (45) Khurram Shahzad S/O Abdul Anis (35201-8370218-1), (46) Abbas Iqbal Masih S/O Iqbal Masih (35201-1144542-1), (47) Muhammad Aslam S/O Bhudha Khan (35201-1691687-3), (48) Muhammad Akbar S/O Abdul Aziz (35202-2596892-7), (49) Aman Ullah Khan S/O Sardar Khan (CNIC not available in record), (50) Nishat Alam Mirza S/O M Umer (35201-0653065-3), (51) Saeed Hussain S/O Allah Rakha (35202-3027926-3), (52) Zahoor Ahmed S/O Ch Mahmood (35201-1575972-7), (53) Ali Hassan S/O Abdul Razzak (42501-2693057-9), (54) M Arshad Sayal S/O M Akbar (CNIC not available in record), (55) Syed Munawar Shah S/O Shah Rasool (42201-0668929-7), (56) S Naveed S/O H Rizvi Q Hassan(CNIC not available in record), (57) Ghulam Shabbir S/O M Hassain (42201-0797567-7), (58) M Salman Khan S/O Idrees Khan (42201-0589946-7), (59) Muhammad Afzal S/O Abdul Waheed (42201-3465534-9), (60) M Mooen Khan S/O M Mobeen (37405-6683151-5), (61) Muhammad Nasir Masud S/O Waris Khan (37405-0547110-5), (62) Muhammad Jalil Khan S/O Amir Dil (37104-0960704-3), (63) Wajid Naseem S/O Samiullah Naseem (42201-2327841-9), (64) Shabbir Hussain S/O M Hussain (42201-3191330-9), (65) Khalid Mahmood S/O M Alam (42201-9540015-5), (66) Muhammad Shafique S/O Wali Muhammad (CNIC Not Available In Record), (67) Adnan Amjad S/O Amjad Hussain (42101-7551866-7), (68) Mrs. Malika Jaffri D/O S Atta (42501-3530913-8), (69) Abdul Qadeer Zafri S/O A Bashir (CNIC not available in record), (70) Raja M Fayyaz S/O Muhammad Sarwar (34203-0100109-5), (71) Muneer Hussain S/O M Hussain (42501-1912678-1), (72) S Shabbir Hussain S/O S Safdar (CNIC not available in record), (73) Muhammad Iqbal S/O Abdul Ghafoor (42501-3416973-5), (74) Muhammad Munir S/O Muhammad Nazir (42201-0371730-7), (75) Muhammad Khalid S/O M Yousuf (42201-3567244-5), (76) Nasar Ahmed S/O Muhammad Khan (CNIC Not Available In Record), (77) Sh Mateen Ahmed S/O Tanvir Ahmed (37405-0576804-1), (78) Zaheer Ahmed S/O Muhammad Khan (37405- 4139135-5), (79) Tariq Mehmood S/O Muhammad Raza (37405-0290235-3), (80) Zulfiqar Ali S/O Muhammad Irshad (35201-8188285-7), (81) Asim Ali S/O Ali Asghar (42201-1701105-3), (82) Mrs. Asifa Iqbal D/O Muhammad Iqbal (35201-1266134-4), (83) Syed Kashif Raza S/O S Ali (42201-0291956-5), (84) A Shamsher Ali Mirza S/O Mirza Ali (CNIC not available in record), (85) Arsalan Ali S/O Sanaullah (CNIC not available in record), (86) M Mujtaba Syed S/O Mushtaq H (35200-1555479-7), (87) Mrs. Aisha Shahzad D/O M Ashraf (CNIC not available in record), (88) Mrs. Mohsin Ali Rauf D/O Rauf Hussain (CNIC not available in record), (89) Kashif Nisar S/O Ch Nisar (CNIC not available in record), (90) Raheel Sajid S/O Sajid Hussain (42201- 4687339-1),(91) Nauman Ali Bhatti S/O Sanaullah (35201-1262202-9), (92) Muhammad Zahid S/O M Yousuf (CNIC not available in record), (93) M Saeed Saleem S/O M Saleem (CNIC not available in record), (94) Shah Khalid S/O M Ismail (42201-4014340-7), (95) Ms. Ayesha Khan D/O Liaqtullah Khan (35202-2321261-8),(96) Ahmed Nadeem S/O Zaman Mehdi (34104- 2210459-1), (97) Mujahid Ali Malik S/O Malik Manzoor (352018-739205-9), (98) M Haider Ali S/O Qaim Ali (CNIC not available in record), (99) Mrs. Nusrat Sadiq S/O Sadiq Masih (42201- 9377845-8)), (100) Ms. Faizah Farooq D/O Farooq Ahmed (35202-2597375-6), (101) Shaheen Sajid S/O M Sajid (CNIC not available in record), (102) Yasir Chaudhry S/O M Mushtaq (35201-2486019-7), (103) Asad Ali Zafri S/O Amjad Ali (42501-1711908-9), (104) Syed Nazim Hussain S/O Syed Rashid (36401-0905416-5), (105) Ms. Aneela Hameed D/O Abdul Hameed (35202-1783560-4), (106) Muhammad Saeed S/O Ms. Abdul Rasheed (CNIC Not Available In Record), (107) Hamid Allauddin S/O Allauddin (42201-5642585-7), (108) Ms. Nazish Urooj D/O S Sabir (42401-5972733-0), (109) Ms. Fareeha Mukhtar D/O S Mukhtar (CNIC not available in record), (110) M Zubair S/O Abdul Hakeem (42101-2320999-9), (111) S Kamran S/O Mr. S Suleman (42201-2742405-9), (112) Syed Hamza Khalid S/O (Not available in record) (42201-5351462- 7), (113) Saad Ahmed S/O Muhammad Ayub (42301-3687025-3) succeeded to get job in PIAC Page # 06 (Operations) on the basis of bogus educational documents.

As per FIA they committed the offence of forged documents, presentation of forged documents as genuine, cheating, fraud and criminal misconduct by abusing their official position punishable u/s 420/468/471/109 PPC R/W 5(2) of PCA-II 1947 in connivance in abetment and in collusion with accused members of recruitment board PIAC officials.