FIA produces Dania Shah in ‘empty court’



The Federal Investigation Agency on Friday presented late MNA and TV host Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s third wife Dania Shah to a city court in Karachi in an obscene video leak case.

The FIA Cybercrime registered a case against Dania Shah on the complaint of late Aamer Liaquat’s daughter.

However, when the FIA team along with Dania Shah reached the court, the judge who was supposed to hold the case proceedings had left the premises after the court time finished. The FIA team arrived late.  The FIA investigation officer took Dania Shah back with him. Now, the FIA will present the accused before the court tomorrow in order to seek her remand.

FIA’s cybercrime circle of Karachi on Thursday arrested Dania Shah from Lodhran in the obscene video leak case. Late Dr Aamir Liaquat’s mother-in-law Salma Bibi protested in the Saddar Police station as her daughter Dania Shah was arrested and taken there. She claimed that police officials along with other private personnel abducted her daughter rushing into their house and the armed policemen also tortured her and Dania. She also claimed that the policemen broke her finger and arm while torturing her.