FIA-Niazi Alliance in action to hide failures: N

Staff Reporter

PML-N Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb on Tuesday accused that after failure of NAB-Niazi alliance, Imran had built the FIA-Niazi alliance because he does not have any authority as a Prime Minister other than using NAB and FIA to politically victimise opponents for exposing his failures, like the budget 2021-22.

Taking to media here in the City, Marriyum said Imran’s pettiness and shallow-minded characters had long been exposed.

She said this government’s previous budgets pushed 20 million Pakistanis below the poverty line.

Imran’s previous budgets made 5 million people unemployed and led to 16 percent inflation. This budget is version 2.0 of the same.

“Imran sent these notices to Shehbaz Sharif and Hamza Shehbaz only because despite his most indecent, hooligan tactics he could not prevent Shehbaz from exposing the truth about this budget in the parliament,” she said.

The PML-N leader said these notices and summons were a diversion from that truth exposed by Shehbaz.

It was more than obvious that to divert attention from the fraud budget, Imran forced FIA to issue fraud notices in cases in which references had already been filed and Lahore High Court had already ruled that there was not even a single penny of corruption by Shehbaz or Hamza after keeping Shehbaz imprisoned for 1 year and Hamza for 2.

She pointed out that it was the same FIA that gave NRO to Jahangir Tareen who was the Cheif of Sugar Mafia and imported Rs4.5 billion worth of sugar on Imran’s orders.

Answering a question whether PML-N had approached the Jahangir Tareen group, she said those who have the true mandate, support, vote and love of the people, do not need anyone other than God Almighty.

But, Imran and his government were at the mercy of turncoats and their votes to hang onto power which was why he was handing out one NRO after another to these sugar, flour, gas thieves just so that they keep him in power.

Such spineless, insecure and shaky governments have no guts to hold any fair and transparent inquiries, she slammed.

Marriyum said this government knows that it won’t survive without gagging the opposition and the media because the people know about their corruption, incompetence, incapacity and patterns of deception which is why this government is running out of time.

She said all these victimisation tactics, barracades at the FIA office and all such tactics won’t reduce the skyrocketing inflation that is crushing the people of Pakistan.

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