FIA nabs two FIA nabs two men for harassing US girl who committed suicidemen for harassing US girl who committed suicide


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested two people from Faisalabad after they shared obscene content related to a US girl on social media which led to her committing suicide.

According to the FIA, the two suspects used to share obscene content with the class fellows of the US girl and blackmailed her. “This resulted in the girl committing suicide in the United States,” the agency said.

It further said that the US embassy has given a formal request to the agency to proceed against the suspects. The agency is responsible for taking action against online harassment and blackmailing through sharing of obscene videos and recently its cybercrime wing arrested a man for circulating unethical private pictures of a girl.

According to FIA, the perpetrator Sohail Khan is a resident of Rawalpindi. FIA cyber crime branch has registered an FIR against the detained Sohail Khan. In a video statement released by the FIA, the detained Sohail can be seen admitting to sharing unethical photos of a girl over social media platforms.—INP


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