Fewer IDPs recorded in 2022 against last year: MoRR



The Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations (MoRR) says the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has decreased compared to last year.

The Deputy Minister of MoRR, Mohammad Arsala Kharoti, has said that the process of transferring IDPs to their home regions is underway.

According to MoRR, people were displaced from their homes due to wars, and now that the country is safe, many displaced people have returned to their homes.

“We tried and are trying to solve their problems. A number of displaced people who have already been transferred to the provinces have been helped,” said Kharoti.

“For those displaced people who have not been moved to their homes yet, a commission has been established to solve their problems, to survey them and to resolve their problems with the cooperation of international organizations,” he added.

However, a number of IDPs say their life has become difficult with the cold weather and that they have not received help from national and international institutions.

“People have not been helped in general and our request to the world is to help the needy people,” said Gul Mohammad, an IDP.

Meanwhile Afghan refugees face problems and inappropriate treatment abroad, especially in Pakistan, Iran and Turkey.

The Islamic Emirate has however repeatedly called for an end to such mistreatment of Afghan migrants abroad.—Ariana news