FESCO’s latest lab fails power pilferers


Technical Service (TS) Director of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has traced out and charged 44.3 million units through data retrieval during general and special checking in 2019-20 and traced 16.8 million extra units as compare to last year. Special checking and state of the art lab of TS (FESCO), failed the attempt of power pilfers to steal electricity.
On special directives of the Ministry of Energy and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Shafiq ul Hassan, Superintending Engineer (SE) TS Rai Muhammad Asghar arranged the special checking of single phase, three phase, tube well, industrial and commercial connections and thus charged over 13.4 million units in connection with slow and deliberately burnt meters which were causing heavy loss to the FESCO. Similarly, M&T directorate traced out 19.4 million units through data retrieval at state of the art M&T lab.
In this context, SE (M&T) Rai Asghar told that every unit protects through physical checking in M&T Lab according to departmental policy and special teams of M&T are checking old electricity connection in FESCO region to save every electricity unit.

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