FESCO Jhang division arrests 65 power thieves

Staff Reporter

FESCO Jhang Division during crackdown on power thieves caught 65 power thieves in three months and received a fine of Rs 2.6 million. Cases have also been registered.

Special task forces under the supervision of XEN Fesco Jhang Division Syed Saleem Shah arrested 65 power thieves during the last three months.

According to details, during the campaign against power thieves on the instructions of Chief Executive Officer FESCO Arshad Munir and SE FESCO Circle Jhang Malik Ashfaq Ahmed, special task forces under the supervision of XEN FESCO Jhang Division Syed Saleem Shah conducted operations for the last three months.

65 power thieves were arrested for stealing electricity in various ways during the year.

Among those who stole electricity were 56 domestic, 3 commercial, one industrial and 5 tube well consumers who stole 216,200 units in a modern way and were fined Rs 4,010,000.

Prosecution has been sent for registration of cases against 65 power thieves in different police stations.

Out of which cases have been registered against 41 power thieves and a fine of Rs. 26 lakh has also been collected from them.

The rest are engaged in recovery of fines. During the crackdown, the perpetrators are disconnected and heavy fines are being levied.

Therefore, power thieves should refrain from power theft, otherwise they will have to face heavy fines as well as jail also, said FESCO authorities.

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