FDE urged for absorption of teachers under wedlock policy

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad’s teachers working on Deputation under wedlock policy, have raised objection to the committee constituted by the regulatory body FDE, stating that some members of the committee are inimical to the continuation of their services in the FDE.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC), while nullifying the repatriation orders of the deputationist teachers, had directed the FDE director-general to constitute an impartial high-level committee to scrutinize the cases of each and every teacher individually to extend maximum facilitation to them under the wedlock policy.

However, the FDE DG has constituted a four-member committee consisting of FDE officials including Shahab Saqib, Azam Gakhar and Rehan Naqvi, and according to the aggrieved teachers, these officials while misinterpreting the court order had issued their repatriation orders before it was annulled by IHC Chief Justice Athar Minalllah on March 16.

While taking exception to the misinterpretation of the order issued by IHC judge Gull Hassan Aurangzeb, IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah had taken the FDE officials to task for failing to apply legal mind and carefully reading the judgement before issuing the stereotype repatriation order.

The deputationist teachers say that while the IHC had directed the FDE DG to constitute a high-level committee to look into the matter, the latter has included the same FDE officials, who themselves are facing serious allegations of irregularities and wrongdoings including getting promotions and favouring their near and dear ones in schools.

The deputationist teachers have alleged that the FDE officials had told a lie in the court that the deputationist teachers could not be accommodated under the wedlock policy after completing the five-year term despite the fact that as Director Schools, Shahab Saqib, on 2-04-2018 recommended to the Secretary CA&D Division Islamabad vide letter number (1-21-2018) that “rule 20-A of Civil Servants (APT) Rules, 1973, exempts a specific group of employees (including teachers in the education institutions under the FDE) whose services are borrowed under the wedlock policy after completion of five-years term.