FCS warns PTI leader to refrain from creating rift among fishermen


Chairman Fishermen’s Operative Society Abdul Berr has said that PTI leader HaleemAdil Sheikh’s conspiracy against fishermen will not be allowed to succeed. 2 million fishermen are with us, if millions of fishermen take to the streets, HaleemAdil Sheikh will not have a place to hide his face. Abdul Berrwhile talking to media in his office said that HaleemAdil Sheikh is shocked by the letter of inquiry received from NAB. He said,“We have conducted regular audit in our three years tenure and have maintained transparency of everything. There is a record of everything in the institution. If HaleemAdil Sheikh wants, we can provide him all the records. It is very easy to make allegations. But these people cannot prove corruption of even a single rupee in our time.”The FCS chief said that whatever record is given to us by any institution. HaleemAdil Sheikh should also take the time to provide the required records to the NAB instead of blaming others. Just do it. Fishermen are united. No one can create a rift in them by conspiring. Abdul Berr said that the only qualification to represent the government in PTI is to be rude. These people have added an element of rudeness in politics. Haleem Adil Sheikh has conspired to create a rift among the fishermen. After this conspiracy, grief and anger among the fishermen is a natural process. If millions of fishermen start besieging their enemies, then the opponents would have no place to hide. He said that Haleem had been following me for a long time to get him to join PPP. Later, he managed to get shelter under the umbrella of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. “It would be more appropriate for Adil Sheikh to provide documents to the NAB and wear off allegations against him instead of blaming others.

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