Faysal Bank issues shariah compliant alternate to credit cards with IDEMIA

Staff Reporter

The Republic’s Islamic banking industry has experienced double-digit growth year-on-year since 2015 .

The meteoric rise in this type of banking has also brought about a corresponding demand for Shariah-compliant payment tools.

Eager to support its customers, Faysal Bank turned to IDEMIA to deliver a unique payment experience that adheres to the religion’s principles.

This new EMV Card provides Faysal Bank’s customers with the benefits of a full fledge credit card, while ensuring that all payments and repayments are Shariah-compliant.

Faysal Bank’s footprint now spreads over more than 200 cities with a network of over 575 (including more than 500 Islamic) branches.

Faysal Bank is a significant player in Pakistan’s banking industry and recognized as the Best Emerging Bank of the country.