Fawad terms dissemination of fake news greatest challenge faced by media

City Reporter

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said on Friday that the greatest challenge being faced by the modern media was dissemination of false propaganda through fake news.

Addressing a seminar on “politics and journalism in the age of fake news” organized by Arab News he said that the phenomenon of fake news was created with the revolution in information technology and increase in media platforms.

The minister said the international community would have to prepare some rules to counter fake news and the aspect of responsibility would have to be added with freedom of expression.

Fawad Hussain said that a responsible media could be called an independent media.
The minister said that the United States, United Kingdom and European Union had introduced online security rules and there was a need to move towards this direction.
He said that India had used non-political incidents for gaining political advantage.

The minister said that a network of over 785 fake websites being run by India was exposed last year which was linked with Indian news agency ANI and leading news channels which used to generate fake news about Pakistan and tried to malign it.