Fawad asks for stoppage of threatening phone calls to PTI

Govt decides to file petition in SC for the interpretation of Article 63-A
Govt decides to file petition in SC for the interpretation of Article 63-A. Radio Pakistan
Ijaz Kakakhel

Former information and broadcasting minister and PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry on Thursday shared the recording of a threatening call to the pilot of a plane transporting party chairman Imran Khan and demanded that such type of phone calls should be stopped immediately.

During talks with journalists, Fawad Chaudhry shared the recording of the call to the pilot and said that it was received from an ‘unknown number’. “Army chief and DG ISI have issued orders to personnel to stay away from political matter and we hope that their orders are being implemented fully,” he said and asked if the intelligence bureau (IB) is behind such activity then it should reconsider its acts.

He further claimed that members of the PTI social media team are also receiving calls from unknown numbers. Imran has embarked on a whirlwind campaign ahead of the by-elections in Punjab. From July 7-15, he is expected to address dozens of public gatherings. He has also held several in the past few weeks. On Tuesday, he had fired off a warning that he would be forced to “reveal everything” about the characters involved in the alleged conspiracy to oust his government if harassment of him and his party did not cease.

He also played a clip of the alleged call, holding his mobile phone close to the microphones on the table where he was sitting and terming the development as “unfortunate”. In the clip Fawad played, a male voice can be heard asking the receiver of the call to delete what is presumably a social media post.

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