Fast food restaurants, cafes becoming popular in twin cities


City Reporter

Fast food restaurants and cafes are becoming popular in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi due to an inclined shift in life styles and traditional eating habits. Convenience of eating on the go and better accessibility have significantly contributed to the growth of fast food restaurants in twin cities and specially restaurants representing the well-known international chains.
These restaurants were offering a wide range of dishes, such as mashed potato, carrot muffin and lotus fresh vegetable side dishes. Fast food restaurants normally cater to fast food like burger, pizza, fried chicken, shawarmas, sandwhiches, rolls and nuggets.
People in the twin cities are fond of eating and do appreciate any new thing, which is being introduced to them and that is one major reason for which various fact all the international brands are willing to open their franchises in Pakistan and amongst them many of them have already made their outlets in the major cities.
According to an expert, “Some of the restaurant is well known for its great taste, excellent quality of service, attractive deals and economical prices”.