Fasset joins hands with elite academia to start a web3.0 movement


To better understand and prepare students for the future of finance, digital asset gateway Fasset has partnered with Bahria University Islamabad Campus in Pakistan, recognized under the public sector Bahria University established by Pakistan’s Navy. Fasset will work with esteemed faculty and administration staff to provide financial wellness and inclusion training as well as digital asset education.

This partnership aims to form academic policies and a curriculum to better equip students nationwide on emerging technologies like cryptocurrencies.

Both organizations will collaborate to provide educational courses on blockchain and web3.0 that will also cover the technical skills that young people will need to pursue a career in this field, explicitly emphasizing expanding Pakistan’s present world-class web3 developer base.

This conversation began with a meet and greet of Bahria University’s Alumni with Pro Rector Admin Rear Admiral Zaka Ur Rehman HI (M) and Mrs. Sundal Mufti, Director Student Affairs leading to the awareness program on Web3.0 and its inclusion to academic policies. Regarding this conversation, the Academic Director of Bahria University shared his vision.

“Faculty mentorship has a significant impact on the minds and souls of students. Therefore, if you want to change the way the youth think, strive to connect new ideas with their teachers as they are the vehicle of change in society,” said Captain Muhammad Sarfraz Khan SI (M), Academic Director of Bahria University.

Following up on this conversation, an information session with the esteemed faculty of Bahria University took place on 6th October.

During the informative conference, Noshad Minhas,Country Head at Fasset, shed light on not only web3 and its current condition in the world, but also its potential in Pakistan and beyond.

He also provided a detailed roadmap for how this collaboration with academics can assist Pakistan in leapfrogging the rest of the globe on the web3 front.

“We are glad that Bahria University is taking a step towards advanced and innovative technology of Web3.0 in collaboration with Fasset as per the vision of the Prime Minister Youth Program.

Interestingly, 54.5% of Pakistan’s population are using 3G and 4G while 88.25% are using mobile phones which creates a huge market for emerging technologies and financial inclusion”, said Humayun Zaib Abbassi, Deputy Director Alumni Relations.

Emphasizing the importance of the collaboration, Noshad said, “Web3 can gain a lot of traction in the future with cryptocurrencies and play-to-earn gaming. The massive surge in popularity of DeFi, NFTs & metaverse.

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