Farmers demand withdrawal of Sugar Factories Amendment Act 2021


Various organizations representing farmers of Punjab have assembled together for the protection of farmers.

The entire farming community expressed its concern over the passage of the anti-farmer Sugar Factories Amendment Act 2021.

They said they have analyzed the anti-farmer amendments and have unanimous opined that these amendment are highly damaging for the farmers as well as economy of Pakistan.

These amendment are 100% contrary to the Sugar Factories Ordinance 2020, which was promulgated on the directions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan which benefited a lot the sugarcane growers.

All the farmers of Punjab are thankful to the Prime Minister for this.

Crushing was started in time in November due to which the farmers got opportunity to switch to wheat which is sown in November.

Due to this country has bumper crop this year which will save foreign exchange of Rs190 billion.

(This year country had to import at least 38 lakh metric ton of wheat both in private and government sector. Average rate was more than 2000).

Deduction from the weight of sugarcane was minimized due to heavy penalty. An estimated amount of Rs73 billion of farmers was saved.

Under the Ordinance, cane growers dues were sent to bank accounts. Thus deductions from payment were minimized. An amount of Rs37 billion of the farmers was thus saved.

Adverse effects of the pro-sugar mill amendments: The pro-sugar mill Amendment Act issued on 17 May, 2021 has opened the floodgates of exploitation of farmers by mills.

Its killer clauses are: Sugar mills now can delay crushing till 30th November; It has waived the condition of payments of growers dues through banks; Instead of making payment within 15 days, mills can delay the payment of farmers for 210 days till 30th June; Offences have been made non-cognizable.

FIR cannot be registered; The forum of Cane Commissioner for settlement of dispute of farmers payment has been struck down.

Crushing will be started late. Farmers will not be able to sow wheat and country will have to import wheat.

An estimated Rs. 190 billion of foreign exchange will be lost.Due to making of offence non-cognizable the sugar mills will fearlessly make deductions from the weight. An estimated amount of Rs73 billion of farmers will be gulped by mills.

As payment through bank will not be mandatory, the mills will make deductions from payment.

An estimated amount of Rs37 billions of farmers will be usurped by mills through their middlemen or directly.

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