Farewell for Haniya Minhas. who has earned 74 titles at the age of 10

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Descon and BARD Foundation organized a farewell for Haniya Minhas. Haniya is a budding tennis champion who has earned 74 titles at the age of 10.

She is the first girl in the history of Pakistan to be ranked Number 1 against boys in national ranking.

She is also the youngest to win a women’s event when she was only 9 years old and was honored as the first girl in the history of Pakistan to be selected for Pakistan Sports Awards at the age of 10.

Haniya has participated and won a myriad of competitions nationally. DESCON & BARD Foundation have continued to support and sponsor Haniya in her tennis journey.

The Board of Directors of DESCON and BARD Foundation hosted an event to bid farewell to Haniya as she leaves for her first ever international competition, being held in Tajikistan.

Mr. Taimur Dawood, Board of Director BARD, shared at the event, “It is the objective of the BARD Foundation to support young talent from Pakistan so they can move to the international level.”

Mr. Ijaz Ali Khan, Board of Director BARD, said, “It is a great honor for Descon and BARD Foundation to support Haniya nationally and internationally. We wish her all the best and we know she will do wonders.”

Mr. Faisal Dawood, another Board Member, shared how proud BARD is of Haniya, “Haniya is a testament to what BARD believes in.

At such a young age, she has achieved so much. Her dedication, hard work and sacrifice has started from this age and we wish her the best of luck.”

Haniya also spoke about her achievements and told us that she wants to be the Number 1 in Asia and wishes to win the biggest tournaments in the world.

She is also looking forward to playing in Japan and Croatia later this year. Haniya’s father thanked DESCON and BARD for supporting Haniya and believing in her.

The event ended with the Board of Directors wishing Haniya luck for her first international tournament and bidding her farewell.

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