False propaganda against CPEC


THERE is no letup in the propaganda campaign unleashed by
the western world especially its media against the multibillion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Notwithstanding the fact that the BRI Initiative of the Chinese Government including its pivotal component CPEC has been acknowledged as unprecedented mega-economic undertaking at the global level, the western world and India is persistently trying to create misgivings and apprehensions about them, more so about CPEC.
It is, however, really heartening to note that the Chinese side has always been forthcoming to not only expressing its commitment to the CPEC but also removing any misperceptions about it. At a dialogue on CPEC hosted by Karachi Council on Foreign Affairs, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing once again rejected the impression and false narrative that his country wanted to achieve military or strategic designs in Pakistan through the CPEC. He said the corridor project in fact is the essence of the bilateral long-term relationship between both the countries. Indeed it is so, and aimed at accruing economic benefits by promoting connectivity within the region. If the European countries can connect through road and rail network which have brought revolution in their economies, then we really fail to understand as to why the West are opposing the BRI Initiative of Chinese President Xi Jinping who in fact has introduced the concept of shared prosperity. The very posture of the western world towards the corridor project implies that they do not want to see the third world countries making headway on the economic front. Anyway, the only answer to this propaganda is that both Pakistan and China expedite work on the early realization of all the CPEC-related projects rather further expand its scope in other areas. Addressing the ceremony, the Chinese Ambassador also referred to the future projects that his country will undertake especially in Gwadar. He said China will launch about 19 projects alone in Gwadar after Pakistan announces its free zone policy. As Beijing is willing to come with more investment, we need to fully facilitate the Chinese businessmen and remove all the hurdles in the way of special economic zones in order to strengthen industrialization and manufacturing sector which definitely will change the economic landscape of Pakistan and ensure sustainable growth. Instead of pointing fingers, it is also for the West to become of this mega project and take advantage of the strategic location of Pakistan.

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