False narratives | By Munawar Siddiqui


False narratives

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has no match as far as conjuring up false narratives and propagating them with unrivaled consistency is concerned.

His entire politics is premised on the philosophy that one should speak lies with such consistency and intensity that people start believing in their legitimacy.

Since his ouster from power through a constitutional process he has been hurling unsubstantiated allegations against state institutions including establishment, particularly targeting his benefactor, former Army Chief Gen Qamar Bajwa, whom he holds responsible not only for his removal from power but also the current state of affairs in the country.

He concocted a conspiracy theory against his government by the PDM with the help of the US and establishment, which was based on a cipher message sent by our ambassador to the US.

In more than 70 public rallies across the country he tried to sell this narrative. However in the end he withdrew from his rhetoric regarding involvement of the US and establishment in the much-trumpeted conspiracy against his government.

Yet another statement, that he had sent Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen to General Bajwa six month before the no-confidence move to urge upon him the desirability of stopping the PDM from going ahead with its no-confidence move, contending that the change would destroy whatever had been achieved in the domain of economy, also falsifies his conspiracy theory which he invented later.

He is now relentlessly pressing the narrative of political engineering by the establishment irrespective of the fact that it has repeatedly announced to remain apolitical which it proved during the no-confidence motion by not taking sides and the reiteration by the new COAS to this effect.

Establishment’s decision to remain apolitical in the future that should be welcome. The politicians must learn from history and try to resolve the contentious political issues themselves through Parliament, which is the true forum for such undertakings. Look at the past and see how much.

The new COAS is also following the line of Gen Bajwa, Imran Khan blamed as well. But what Imran is saying now is nothing but hypocrisy of the first order.

The question arises that if he thought that political engineering by the establishment was harmful, then why did he accept it when it was done to catapult him in the corridors of power?

Is it not mind-boggling to note that while he castigates the establishment for political engineering he still wants the new COAS to ensure free and fair elections in the country?

It actually is tantamount to inviting intervention of the establishment in the political affairs of the country irrespective of the fact that it no longer intends to do so.

If the establishment has played a negative role, the politicians are also equally responsible for the state of affairs the country is faced with at the moment.

Their failure to put the country on the path of prosperity and to perpetuate their vested interest.

The politicians must learn from history and try to resolve the contentious political issues themselves through Parliament without seeking help from Establishment or Judiciary.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Lahore.