Fake degradable bags throng twin cities amid ban on plastic bags


After the federal capital imposed complete ban on single use plastic bags in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) polythene bags dubbed with a stamp of degradable thronged the markets of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
These plastic bags were the same polythene sacks which were being banned in the federal capital after August 14; however, this time these bags had a distinct stamp which was confusing the masses.—APP Interestingly, Zafar Niazi shared his experience of 35-year in doing shop keeping business. He said around 35-40 years back there was khaki paper bags used to sale culinary, non-food and eatable items which should be revived to fill the gap of plastic bags. An environmentalist talking to APP said, “The people around the globe could be consuming five grammes of minute plastic particles every week, equal to the weight of a credit card,” while quoting the latest research by global scientists and the University of Newcastle in Australia that revealed shocking impacts of plastic bags.
The research claimed traces of polymer coming mostly from tap and especially bottled water, nearly invisible bits of it were also found in shellfish, beer and salt, he said.
He mentioned the worldwide study, “The findings, drawn from 52 peer-reviewed studies, are the first to estimate the sheer weight of plastics consumed by individual humans: about 250 grammes, or half-a-pound, over the course of a year. “It was necessary to disseminate these studies to the public as a different study worked out that the average American eats and drinks in about 45,000 plastics particles smaller than 130 microns annually, while breathing in roughly the same number, he said adding, “This will motivate the masses to shun plastic bag use as unless you make a person realize the severity of a hazard no output could be achieved in that regard.—APP

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