Faisalabad Saddr Tehsil tops tehsil ranking for April

Staff Reporter

The Faisalabad Saddr Tehsil has secured the first position in tehsil ranking for the month of April with a score of 13.709 out of 20.

Under the leadership of Assistant Commissioner Umar Maqbool, Saddr Tehsil secured 0.782, out of 3 score in the head of price monitoring and controlling.

Likewise, 2 out of 2 score for monitoring bidding process of fruits and vegetables in vegetables market; 2 out of 2 score for land record centre inspection; 1.225 out of 4 for Land Revenue Collection; 3.701 out of 5 for progress in resolving public grievances received on Pakistan Citizen Portal and Four out of four scores were obtained for retrieval government land from land grabbers.

Reiterating his commitment, the AC said that efforts under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali for achieving the targets set by the government would not be slowed down.

Meanwhile Divisional Commissioner Saqib Manan and Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ali also lauded the exemplary performance of AC Umar Maqbool and his team in getting top position in Tehsil rankings.


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