Factory fire case: Court extends bail of owner, manager


A local court has extended the bail of factory owners in the Mehran Town factory fire case till September 7, it was learnt on Saturday.

According to details, in the Mehran Town factory fire case, the landlord, factory owner and manager’s security bail application was heard in the Karachi Sessions Court.

The lawyer of the factory owner said that his client built the factory after getting the house on rent in 2019.

The court inquired whether the factory where the factory was built was an industrial area. Lawyer Hassan Sabir said that the whole area is an industrial area, hundreds of factories have been set up, there was no such thing as chemical in the factory while the offices of the factory owners are also in the same building.

The lawyers of the accused said that other agencies including the Labor Department should have been involved in the tragedy. The accused are cooperating in the investigation. Bail should be granted.

The lawyer of the accused said that the issue of locks on the roof has nothing to do with Baldia Town Factory, locks and chemicals have nothing to do with this incident.

Fire Brigade, Civil Defense and Ministry of Industry should also be nominated in the case.

During the hearing, the investigating officer said that the factory owner is a British citizen, the accused will escape, people were burning, the doors were closed.

The lawyer of the accused alleged that factory owners are being threatened by law enforcement.

During the hearing, the heirs of the affected people also reached the court. The heirs said that we have been driving but there is no hearing.

The court later extended the factory owners’ bail until September 7.

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