Facebook shows gender specific job ads


According to a study, Facebook users might not be knowing about work for which they are eligible since the company’s tools may unfairly target advertising to a certain gender “beyond what can be legally justified”.

According to the report, Facebook promoted an Instacart delivery work advertising to a female-heavy audience and a Domino’s Pizza delivery job advertisement to a male-heavy viewership in one of three cases that produced comparable outcomes.

In comparison, the Domino’s delivery work advertisements were seen to about the same percentage of women as the Instacart ad on Microsoft Corp.’s LinkedIn.

The report said “Facebook’s ad delivery can result in skew of job ad delivery by gender beyond what can be legally justified by possible differences in qualifications,”

According to Facebook spokesman Joe Osborne, the business uses many signals to try and serve people ads they will be most interested in, but we understand the concerns raised in the report.

Facebook also strengthened restrictions to prohibit clients from excluding such people from viewing work, lodging, and other advertising, in the wake of litigation and federal investigations into prejudice by commercial targeting.

However, researchers are concerned about the possibility of prejudice in artificial intelligence (AI) applications that selects which consumers see advertisements. Both Facebook and LinkedIn have stated that they are researching their AI for what the software industry refers to as “fairness.”

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