Extremists could pose threat as mid-term election nears: Police



The New York police department has called for “elevated vigilance” in the run-up to US mid-term elections, warning that extremists could target po-litical events and polling sites, the agency said in an internal bulletin.

Poll workers, people at rallies and political can-didates face heightened risk of attack in the run-up to the Nov 8 elections, according to an alert issued by the department’s intelligence bureau.

The bulletin stressed it was drawing attention to the risk of attacks or threats even though there were no credible threats known by police at this time.

Rising crime rates have become a top election issue for voters in New York and across the country. Public safety took centre stage this week at a debate between New York Governor Kathy Hochul, a De-mocrat, and Representative Lee Zeldin, her Repub-lican challenger.

In July, Zeldin was giving a campaign speech when a man climbed on stage and tried to stab him. Zeldin was not harmed in the incident and the attacker was arrested.—Reuters

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