Extra-ordinary steps taken for women’s rights: Deputy Speaker



Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly and Patron Women Cacus Ms Rehana Leghari on Monday chaired a meeting comprising members of Women Cacus of Sindh Assembly and representatives of different non-governmental social organizations, held at the Committee Room of Sindh Assembly building.

On this occasion, Provincial Minister for Women Development Department Shehla Raza, Chairperson Child Protection Authority Sindh Shamim Mumtaz, PPP Sindh Assembly members Ghazala Sial, Farhat Sami, Sharmila Farooqi, Shazia Umar, Kulsoom Chandio, PTI’s Adeeba Hassan, MQM’s Rana Ansar and Shahana Ashar and Sarwat Fatima of Tehreek-e-Labeek participated.

The meeting discussed in detail the steps being taken by the government for the protection of women rights.

Briefing the meeting, the chief executive of the social organization CSSP, Noor Bajir, said that the Sindh government had taken extraordinary steps for the protection of women’s rights and these steps are highly appreciated in the other legislative forums.

When women’s rights are concerned, the Sindh Assembly comes first. He further said that more steps are needed to be taken for women’s rights and Sindh Assembly members can do more in this regard.

She said that there was an urgent need to set up safe houses in all the districts of Sindh to provide immediate protection to the affected women and equip them with all the necessities including permanent staff so that they could be provided immediate protection in case of homelessness.

On this occasion, Shehla Raza gave a detailed briefing to the participants of the meeting on behalf of the department and said that the Sindh government has recently increased the budget of the department and also allowed immediate recruitment of staff and some new projects should be expedited.

Leghari said that safe houses had already been set up temporarily by the SSP but things are not ideal there.

The purpose of the safe houses must be legislated to distinguish between Darulaman and the safe house.

She added that government and social organizations provide legal advice and assistance to women but the case of the affected women often does not reach a logical conclusion which makes the affected women upset.

It is important that there should be women lawyers to fight women’s cases and increase the number of women lawyers in the society.

She further added that in order to protect the rights of children and women, it is necessary to further strengthen the cooperation of social organizations and government agencies. Consultative meetings should be held for further legislation.

Members of Sindh Assembly are always present for the protection of women and children.


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