Expulsion of Afghans from Sindh demanded

Khuda Bux Brohi

A meeting of Thatta District Bar Association’s executive committee, was held under the chairmanship of Bar President Advocate Qadir Jarwar in which General Secretary Advocate Ijaz Solangi Vice President Advocate Akhtar Jamari and others office bearers passed a resolution regarding sending back all to Afghan nationals living illegally in Sindh.

While addressing the meeting president of Thatta bar association Mr Qadri Jarwar said we are demanding of government to send Afghanis to Afghanistan their homes in Afghanistan according to Pakistan supreme court order.

The meeting also demanded to take action against all the foreigners including Afghani, Bengali, Burmese and Biharis should be expelled from the country and the cards they have bee illegally issued them by NADRA should be confiscated under clause number 997 of the PLD of Pakistan.


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