Experts underline peace, co-existence in Badghis


Participants of a roundtable, organised by Afghan media, have underlined the imperative of peace and mutual accommodation.

The 43-munite discussion — titled “Strengthening the Community for Promoting Peace and Reducing Violence” was aired by Radio Nariman at 3:15pm on Sunday.

The programme will be broadcast again on Friday (2:15pm) and Wednesday (8:15am).

Religious scholar Maulvi Ali Mohammad Rahmani, university teaxher Nisar Ahmad Akbari and civil society activist Hafizullah Atshan took part in the discussion.

Maulvi Rahmani called Islam a religion of peace and tolerance. Islam does not allow violence and war under any circumstances, he says.

Maulvi Rahmani emphasised on peace in society and resolution of disputes, calling on religious scholars to work for the promotion of tolerance among the people in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Akbari said the only way for Afghans to achieve lasting peace was through forgiveness, mutual acceptance and sympathy.

He stressed the need for focusing on education in order to raise public awareness regarding the benefits of peace.

For his part, Atshan also spotlighted the importance of peace and ending war. Maintaining peace in the community would lead to the development of the community and provision of facilities to the masses, he said.

He also urged the people to play their role in establishing, building and maintaining peace.

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