Experts for proper understanding about relevance of family planning


Experts have called for concerted efforts to enhance public understanding about relevance of family planning for the mother and child health as well as their quality of survival. Addressing a session on Mother and Child Health, organized by Baqai Medical University, they regretted that lack of understanding about importance of family size has led to failure of well meaning campaigns.
“Unchecked population growth has emerged to be a major national challenge,” said Prof Farrukh Naheed, Head of Gynecology Department, Fatima Hospital, BMU. Inadequate medical and social welfare facilities, food shortage and surge in emotional disturbance, she said is closely linked to lack of understanding about relevance of family size in cross-sections of the society. Students of MBBS (final year), postgraduate trainees and house officers attending the session were urged to understand their responsibility towards their patients.—APP

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