Exhibitor calls for vacating expo centres, resuming expos



“Saleem Khan Tanoli urges Government to take measures and vacate Expo Centre Karachi & Lahore as exhibitions play a pivotal role in development and economic growth of a country”

Saleem Khan Tanoli, CEO FAKT Exhibitions and Board of Director UFI-The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, while speaking with journalists recently expressed that Expo Centre Karachi and Lahore should be vacated and the government should shift COVID-19 quarantine and vaccination centers to alternate facilities so that international exhibitions can be organized in Pakistan.

“We have also spoken with Expo Centres management and written is letter to Government and Ministry of Commerce for the said purpose.”

He said the exhibitions have been on halt for last two years effecting employment of thousands of people and also the country is facing lack of latest machinery and technology, due to which many industries are unable to implement best practices and perform on optimal level.

Tanoli added, “We understand that COVID-19 is a global issue but we cannot overlook our economy as exhibitions play a pivotal role in development and economic growth of a country.

Europe and other countries such as China and UAE have started organizing exhibitions following SOPs and the same practice should be observed in Pakistan. I urge the Government to vacate Expo Centres and revive exhibitions”


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