ExD brings SAP Conversational AI


Staff Reporter


Excellence Delivered (ExD) has introduced a one-of-its-kind Conversational AI in Pakistan. ExD, in collaboration with SAP, has introduced a Chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to all SAP and Non-SAP clients. With the advent of technology, the business world is going digital and consumers now prefer to communicate through messages with businesses. ExD took a lead and arranged a “Food for Thought” session at ExD head Office to cater to a focus group of industry leaders showcasing the strengths of SAP in Artificial Intelligence. ExD’s clients were briefed on the dynamics of the SAP Chatbot which can improve customer engagement by utilizing the superior capabilities of the new and innovative SAP Conversational AI. This shift in technology is not just limited to customers, it can also elevate employees to heightened levels of efficiency especially in terms of internal communication. This new Chatbot can be implemented in all departments within a company to improve and re-imagine processes which were previously considered tedious and complex.

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