Ex-soldier with artificial legs makes history by climbing Mount Everest



In a remarkable feat of courage and determination, Hari Budhamagar, a double amputee ex-soldier from Nepal, has etched his name in the annals of mountaineering history by becoming the first person in his category to conquer Mount Everest with artificial legs. Scaling the majestic peak on Friday afternoon, Budhamagar’s extraordinary achievement serves as an inspiration to individuals facing physical challenges worldwide.

Budhamagar’s journey to the top of the world’s highest peak was not without obstacles. Having lost both his legs while serving as a soldier of the British Gurkha in Afghanistan in 2010, Budhamagar faced additional challenges in realizing his dream. In 2017, the Nepalese government introduced a mountaineering regulation that prohibited blind, double-amputee, and solo climbers from ascending moun-tains, including Everest. Consequently, he had to postpone his ambitious plan to scale Everest in 2018.

However, hope was revived when a writ petition was filed against the ban, leading to a favourable response from the Supreme Court. In 2018, the court overturned the regulation, clearing the path for Budhamagar’s historic expedition. Overcoming immense physical and mental challenges, he persevered and reached the summit, demonstrating the indomitable spirit that lies within every human being.

Budhamagar’s triumph is a testament to the power of human resilience and the relentless pursuit of dreams, regardless of the obstacles encountered along the way. His accomplishment serves as an inspiration to millions, highlighting the importance of perseverance, courage, and determination in the face of adversity.

In other Everest news, five foreigners also achieved their goal of reaching the summit, adding to the rich tapestry of mountaineering triumphs. Nepal, known for its breathtaking Himalayan peaks, has witnessed a surge in interest in Everest climbing. This season, the country issued a record 466 permits, emphasizing its status as the home of eight out of the world’s ten highest peaks.

Hari Budhamagar’s incredible feat reminds us that the human spirit knows no bounds. His story will undoubtedly continue to inspire countless indi-viduals, encouraging them to reach for the stars, overcome obstacles, and realise their own personal victories, no matter how challenging the path may be.—APP