Ex-police officer detained for 25 days


Abdul Sadeq, a former police officer, has been in the custody of the Islamic Emirate for nearly one month, his relative claimed.

The family of the officer said that they have spoken to many government institutions but have yet to receive a response. The security officials have yet to comment.

Sadeq’s mother said that his son was a police officer who was working in PD 6 of Kabul city. “They get into his car and took him with them. We had no information for five days about him. We were in sorrow. One evening he called and said he was (arrested) but he didn’t say his location,” she said. According to the family, Sadeq was the only breadwinner for the family.

“I haven’t seen my father for the past 25 days. I miss him. Every time I see his picture I get sad,” said Sadeq’s son.

“They (Islamic Emirate) announced a general amnesty. Then–what is happening now? I don’t know anything about my husband’s status,” said Sadeq’s wife. —Tolonews


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