Everyone helpless in front of natural calamity: Dr. Zafar



Staff Reporter

Post Graduate Medical Institute Principal Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar, while appealing to the citizens, said that Government SOPs and medical experts’ instructions have been deployed to protect the joys of Eid-ul-Fitr and avoid from the deaths of Corona.

He added that everyone should strictly follow the guidelines and precautions so that their happiness does not wane and they can lead a normal life even after Eid.

Talking to media, Principal PGMI said that no matter how many stages of development a person or country has achieved, one cannot overcome natural calamities as Allah Almighty has the power to do whatever He wants and man is completely helpless before Him.

Prof. Al-freed Zafar further said that the common people are not aware of the seriousness and lethality of the third wave of corona due to which precious lives are being lost but now we have to be especially careful on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Principal Prof. Al-freed Zafar said that people should limit their activities during Eid days and use modern technology instead of embracing their loved ones, shaking hands and going to each other’s homes to wish Eid.

He suggested that to congratulate Eid through social media as they can also meet each other face to face through video call which will not only double their Eid happiness but also protect them from getting infected with deadly epidemic.

He said that it is the responsibility of the younger generation in particular to avoid outdoor activities and sightseeing so that vulnerable parents and other elderly people in their homes are not infected with the corona virus.

Head of LGH added that it is the religious, moral and legal responsibility of each and every one of us to prove that we are a civilized society and do our part in preventing the corona epidemic so that we can get rid of the this virus.

Responding to a question, Principal PGMI said that many people were affected by the Corona epidemic and many families have lost loved ones due to this disease.

He mentioned that many doctors, nurses and paramedics have also been martyred while fulfilling their responsibilities on the front line. In such a situation, it is important that we celebrate Eid very simply, Prof. Al-freed Zafar appealed.

He said that family gatherings are usually held on the occasion of Eid, but this year it is necessary to ensure compliance with Government orders for lockdown. Prof. Alfreed Zafar said that it was important to save precious lives at this stage. Once we get rid of the dangers of this deadly epidemic, there will be countless opportunities to celebrate Eid.

Principal PGMI added that the steps taken by Chief Minister Sardar Usman, Provincial Health Minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid and Specialized Health Care Department officials under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan to protect human lives will never be forgotten by the people while Pak Army, Rangers, Police and Physicians also rendered excellent services for public awareness which will be written in golden words in the history.


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