EU Envoy: ‘Tremendous consensus’ on ‘Non-Recognition’



Andreas von Brandt, Ambassador of the European Union for Afghanistan, said that the broad consensus of the international community is that the Islamic Emirate should not be recognized.

Brandt, at a meeting in the European Parliament, called attention to the increase in hunger and the bad economic situation in Afghanistan.

According to Brandr, the world is trying to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan, not to the current government.

“We have a very cautious approach…and I think …if there are a few good things at the moment it is, that there is the tremendous consensus on the non-recognition in the entire Western world and I actually don’t see that changing in the near future,” he said.

Meanwhile, Emomali Rahmon, President of Tajikistan, on Thursday at the meeting of the heads of Central Asian states in Kyrgyzstan said that the Islamic Emirate has acted contrary to what they pledged in terms of forming an inclusive government.

But Kabul has emphasized it had good relations with all countries, especially neighboring countries.

“If the people’s demand to form an inclusive government is not taken into consideration, the situation will not only worsen, but the government won’t be recognized by the international community,” said Sayed Sajad Sajadi, international relations expert.

“The international community and the people of Afghanistan want the current government to include diverse layers of educated youth and representatives from different ethnic groups,” said Ahmad Monib Rasa, political analyst.

The United States and Russia have previously stated that it is still too early to decide whether to recognize the Islamic Emirate until it meets the conditions of the international community.


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