Establishment earmarks huge provincial posts for PAS

Staff Reporter

The Provincial Management Service Officers Association (PMSA) Punjab has condemned the earmarking of huge provincial posts by Establishment for themselves.

President of PMSA termed the decision a breach of the Constitution of Pakistan by the Establishment Division , Islamabad.

In a statement issued on Saturday he said that through a Notification dated 12.3.2021, the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS/Ex CSP) have earmarked for themselves a huge number of Provincial posts.

By doing so, they have usurped the authority of the Provincial Assemblies vested in the Provincial Assemblies under Article 240(b) of the Constitution.

Moreover by earmarking more Federal posts for themselves they have usurped the authority of the Parliament as enshrined in Article 240(a).

Can a Civil Service group be allowed to usurp the Constitutional authority of the legislature with such impunity?

The PMSA Punjab beseeches the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Chief Justice Lahore High Court, the Speaker Punjab Assembly and the Chief Minister Punjab to take serious notice and stop this stark subversion of the Constitution.

The very structure of the Constitution, based on Provincial autonomy, is being shaken at its foundations by one civil service group to the detriment of all others.

Every citizen of Pakistan is duty bound to protect and uphold the Constitution.

The constitutional institutions, be they from the Executive, the Legislature or the Judiciary cannot stand as silent spectators and allow this subversion of the Constitution.