Governor for open ballot to end ‘Horse-Trading’

Amraiz Khan

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said, “I think as long as there is no open ballot for the Senate elections, the practice of horse-trading will continue and the elections will be controversial.”

He called the opposition for negotiations to hold the next Senate elections by open ballot and said that the government is still ready to legislate for holding the Senate elections by open ballot.

Sadiq Sanjarani has become the chairman of the senate in a completely transparent manner, but if the opposition has reservations then it may approach any forum they want.

Unfortunately, political parties in Pakistan only accept elections and results that are in their own favour, and if the results are not in their favour, they start criticising the courts.

He was addressing a ceremony on women’s rights at Governor’s House on Saturday.

Begum Perveen Sarwar, wife of Governor Punjab, famous singer Humaira Arshad, former famous actress Nishu were present on the occasion.

A large number of women from different walks of life also participated.

Talking to the media, Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has been repeatedly asking the opposition to adopt the method of the open ballot for the Senate elections but the opposition continued to oppose it.

Now the politicians are pointing fingers at one another after the elections of Chairman Senate.

Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that it is still time for the opposition to give up the politics of stubbornness and negotiate with the government on legislation for the open ballot in the future Senate elections.

“We are ready to legislate and transparent Senate elections will strengthen not only the senate but also democracy, ” he added.

Replying to a question, Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that the PTI government has always respected the decisions of the courts and if any decision comes from any court regarding the election of Chairman Senate, then, we will respect it.

No one should doubt that Sadiq Sanjarani has been elected chairman of the senate in accordance with the constitution and in a transparent manner and the opposition should also accept these results openly instead of making a fuss about it.

Addressing the function, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that previous governments had been only paying lip service regarding resolving women’s issues but the incumbent government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan has provided employment opportunities to women.

At the same time, practical steps have been taken for their development and prosperity in all fields, due to which today women in every field, including entrepreneurship have progressed immensely and are even ahead of men.

Governor Punjab said that without the empowerment of women, the strength and development of any country is impossible.

Therefore, all sections of society should fulfil their responsibility to ensure the provision of women’s rights.

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