eShifa launches home-based Diabetes Care Program


eShifa Home Health Services by Shifa International Hospital has launched an exclusive home based ‘eShifa Diabetes Care Program’ for all diabetes patients to receive quality health services at their doorstep.

The initiative is taken to let diabetic patients avail free registration and receive a personalized Diabetic Care plan for the best treatment at home.

This initiative was made successful with the combined efforts of Dr. Farah Ansari (Medical Director, eShifa), Dr. Osama Ishtiaq (Consultant Endocrinologist), Dr. Saba Hafeez (Associate Consultant Endocrinologist), Dr. AamerAwan (Consultant Ophthalmologist), Dr. AmerNazir (Consultant Internal Medicine), Dr. AbidIlyas (Consultant Internal Medicine & Critical Care), Dr. AmjadSohail (Director Medical Services), Dr. Muhammad Ashraf (Consultant Internal Medicine), and Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Malhi (Consultant Family Physician).

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