Erdogan’s categorical stance on Kashmir


HE has time and again proved to be a genuine leader having a spine to call spade a spade. Be it the miseries of Palestinians or the Kashmiri people, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the only leader in the world who has spoken in unambiguous terms throwing full weight behind the oppressed people.
The Turkish President also used the occasion of his address to the UN General Assembly to express his solidarity with the armless and innocent Kashmiri people against whom the Indian forces have unleashed the worst form of state terrorism. He very rightly voiced his concern over the apathy of the international community to failing to pay attention to Kashmir conflict. Referring to the UN Security Council resolutions, he said Kashmir is still besieged and eight million people are stuck there. Erdogan indeed proved that nothing is more important than the human dignity and standing with the oppressed people. Turkey and India also enjoy excellent relations and on path of building a strong economic partnership but this did not deter Erdogan to speak the truth. This is something that the Pakistani and Kashmiri people also expect from other influential Muslim leaders. In fact this will put pressure not only on India but also the world community to give serious consideration to the resolution of the seven decades old conflict. Today the people in the Muslim world are compelled to think that if the UN and world community can grant right of self-determination to the people of East Timor and South Sudan then why not to the Kashmiris and Palestinians, whose land in fact have been illegally occupied by the invaders and aggressors. We expect that other Muslim leaders in their addresses to the UN General Assembly will also fulfil their responsibility and raise voice for the oppressed people of both Kashmir and Palestine. Whilst rising above our internal differences, time demands greater unity within the Muslim Ummah and have to demonstrate it at the forum of UNGA.

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