Erdogan wins hearts and minds


TURKISH President Recep Tayyip Erdogan won hearts of millions of Muslims across the world by turning iconic and historic Hagia Sophia back to mosque after 86 years. The people of Pakistan watched the historic moment broadcast live by both state and private television channels.
The Turkish President deserves appreciation for sticking to the decision regardless of criticism that emanated especially from western countries that never get tired of blowing the trumpet of human rights but factually double standards have been their hallmark over the years. In fact reopening of Hagia Sophia as a mosque is the sovereign right of Turkish government, people done in a legal way, so it should not be contested at international level. Also the mosque has not been closed for followers of other faiths. It is open for them and they can visit it like they used to do before. This also shows tolerant and harmonious face of the people of Turkey where in fact over the last eighteen years a lot has been done to protect thousands of heritage sites and relics. It is also time for western countries to shun narrow view of Islam and Muslims who are today forced to think as to why no voice and action was taken when Muslim mosques were razed and converted in India, Spain and Athens.

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