Eradicate these dacoits



KATCHA areas of Sindh continue to serve as a safe haven for dacoits which, over the last many decades, have been operating with complete impunity – something which really raises question marks on the performance of those entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the life and property of the people. In fact, the law enforcers themselves are not safe from their acts.

In the wee hours of Sunday, at least one hundred and fifty dacoits reportedly attacked a police camp in the riverine area of Ghotki district killing five policemen including a DSP and two SHOs.

The police had set up this camp in Raunti area to recover three hostages who were kidnapped on 30 October. This is not an isolated incident of attack on the police personnel. In the past also such incidents have been reported whilst the people of these areas incessantly face their brutalities.

Since these dacoits have created an environment of fear in the entire area, most of the incidents including that of murder and extortion also go unreported.

More surprising is the fact that these dacoits have more sophisticated and modern weapons than the one possessed by police.

This leaves no doubt in our mind that these criminals enjoy the patronization of some influential people, especially feudals and politicians who use them for their own vested interests to eliminate their opponents.

A couple of years back, former SSP Shikarpur Dr Rizwan Ahmad, in his report, had also highlighted the evil nexus between politicians and dacoits of riverine area.

However, it is unfortunate that the report followed no credible investigation into the charges by the senior police officer.

Anyway responsibility rests with the provincial government of Sindh to initiate a full-fledged operation against the criminals on the pattern of the operation launched against terrorists.

Help in this regard can be sought from the federal government. The operation must be carried out without any discrimination and continue till the riverine area is completely purged of these dacoits. Those backing them must also face the music.


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