Environmentalists ask authorities to tighten noose against plastic ban violators

Staff Reporter

The citizens on Sunday urged the civic authorities to initiate strict administrative drive against the violators of ban on plastic bags in the federal capital as it’s use has again revived since the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

CEO of Zero Plastic Dr. Ansir Rajput told media that the Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICT) should pay serious attention towards the enforcement of plastic bags ban.

Despite, the urban flood threat the use of plastic bags was common in the federal capital’s leading markets and urban centers except some branded outlets, he regretted.

Dr. Rajput said the use of plastic was highly injurious both to the human health and environment.

“Plastic bags are one of the main reasons for choking the drains and leading to urban flooding and directly pose threat to biodiversity including bird life, animals and aquatic species,” he noted.

It merits mention here that the single-use plastic bags have been banned in Islamabad since August 14, 2019. With the implementation of the ban the citizens saw a coerce enforcement by the civic forces, but due to the Covid-19 lockdown the use of plastic bags in Islamabad resurrected.

Citizen have shown their discontent regarding this matter, they believe not only the road side vendors but large grocery shops have resumed its use.

Zoya Naeem a resident of Islamabad when asked said, “I am very much disappointed by the pace of this ban being enforced, the world needs every country to play its part to put an end to this environmental catastrophe.”

Ali Gul an environmentalist showed utter discontent and said, “I wish Pakistan to get Plastic free, but this pandemic has spoiled everything as since the outbreak of the contagion enforcement of the ban remained low.”

Mr.Gul summed it up, “I am happy that the youth is well aware, social media is playing a phenomenal role in this awareness, yet a large population of our country is unaware of the drastic effects of plastic bags.”

Mr.Saeed a senior citizen of the capital suggested, “the civic bodies should not remain silent over this issue rather come up with some strategy to contain use of plastic bags.

There are reusable cotton and jute bags available in the supply which should be opted by the shopkeepers.”

When contacted, an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official told media,” Our team is working every day to enforce the ban and they do impose fines too.”

Another official of EPA, DD Research and investigation told, “Due to covid-19 the joint operations have been suspended yet their team is still working and making progress to impose the ban through virtual and practical means.”

A World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Report of 2019 claimed that every single human being was consuming around 25 grams of plastic per annum which is equal to the size of a credit card.

The study claims that the plastic bags or containers used as one time solution become hazardous on repeated use as the polythene starts dissolving after certain time period into the food item or beverage kept into it.

The plastic waste dumped into oceans leads to marine life deaths as some species consume the plastic bags and consequently die.

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